Champ, or Champie, or Champ , is a Lake Monster living in Lake Champlain, in the U.S.-Canadan border. Lake Champlain is 125 miles long and goes through Vermont and Newyork and a few miles into Quebec, Canada. Over 300 sighings have been reported. It is often called America's Loch Ness.


Champ, like the Loch Ness Monster, is said to be a plesiosaur.


Two Native American tribes, the Iroquois and the Abenaki, had legends of the creature, the Abenaki calling it the Tatoskok. Samuel de Champlain, Quebec's founder and namesake of the lake, was said to have seen Champ. In July 24, 1819 a n enermous serpentine creature was reported. The first reported sighting caused many witness to tell their stories they had decided to keep quiet about. This sighting predates Nessie by 50 years. Champ became popular when P. T. Barnum put up a 50,000 thousand dollar reward from a carcass, so he put it in his fair.

The famous Mansi photograph, made by Sandra Mansi, shows Champ. Some Critices say it is a rotting log and piont out the entire bay the photo was taken is shallow, only 14 feet. Champ has been reported on land, even near homes, so, unlike whales, it may be able to be in water that is not very deep.

Working for a Discovery Channel program in 2003, a group recorded echoloction within the lake. It was simular to the Beluga Whale and Orca. It is not exact and no dolphins or whales live in the lake.