Supposed evidence of the creature feasting on a rhino carcass, though recent examination may prove the photo false.

Kasai Rex is a Theropod said to be living in Africa. It was reportedly sighted by John Johnson.


In 1932, plantation owner John Johnson and a servant were traveling in the Kasai Valley. Encountering a rhinoceros and trying to pass without it seeing them, a large creature came out of the clearing and attacked the rhinoceros, causing Johnson to faint. During this, the servant fled. When Johnson woke up, he says he saw the creature eating the rhino. He said it was reddish in color with blackish stripes, a long snout, numerous teeth, and 13 meters (about 43 feet) long, and thick legs built for speed. He likely overexercised the size. Kasai Rex is likely Carcharodontosaurus or a small kind of Allosaur, depending on the accuracy of the size.


Kasai Rex was reported in the jungles of in Kasai Valley, from where Kasai Rex's name comes from. Kasai Valley is in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa.


Kasai Rex, if real, is thought to be a large monitor lizard, terrestrial crocodile, or a theropod dinosaur. What species is unclear. It may be an Allosauroidea, Afrovenator or Carcharodontosaurus; both are native to Africa. It may also be a Tyranosaurus that has somehow entered the continent.

However, it is almost certainly a hoax. The fake picture above, as well as the near-identical consistencies between the two reports, suggests that this cryptid was just a hoax.

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