The Ropen, also called Duwas, Wawanar, and Indava, is claimed by some to be a nocturnal pterosaur in Papaua New Guinea. It is said to glow in the dark, possibly to attract fish for hunting, and to eat corpes that are not buried deep enough. Unfortunately, these are based on unconfirmed sightings with no clear photos. The photo at the right was once promoted by some as showing a pterosaur, but is actually a frigate bird.


Many sightings are reported, but none are accompanied by convincing photos or videos. Most responsible scientists do not believe the reports are credible. Most living pterosaur "sightings" are probably due to mistaken identifications of various large birds and bats that can present pterosaur-like profiles especially when seen in silhouette and from a distance. Some large birds such as herons have head crests that can be mistaken for pterosaur crests. Also, the long legs and feet dangling behind them during flight can be mistaken for long, vane-tipped tails of rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs. For more information see: